What is a cooperative?

A co-operative is a type of business that is owned and run by its members. Our members retain their own brands, independence and control whilst working together and pooling resources.

How do we work?

Our co-operative comprises of an agency, a cafe/kitchen/venue, and studios (including co-working, tenants, and an art room). Each strand organises independently as a collective, and feedback information to an elected board of directors on which they have representation. A shared management team supports each collective and helps oversee day-to-day operations.

The money made by each collective goes to the co-operative that services the operational costs of the organisation as a whole, and any profits made are invested to further the objects of the co-operative, creating new platforms for growth and building a framework of support for everyone involved.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a catalyst for an explosion of creative voices and start-up businesses across Bradford. We will do this by: collaborating to provide expert services together, discovering and supporting emerging talent, pooling resources and establishing a home for creative enterprise and community activism, providing a framework of support for our members, promoting and embodying the values of the co-operative.

Fancy joining us?

There are two types of membership in our co-operative. Associate Members have access to services and benefits provided by the co-operative, and membership is free. Full Members have more benefits and some extra responsibilities. They also have a £1 withdrawable share in the co-operative and a vote to elect representative/s of their collective/s to the board of directors.

Benefits of Associate Membership include:

  • Opportunities to meet people, collaborate and find inspiration
  • Invitation to socials and online Slack forum
  • News and discounts
  • Finders fees for bringing work to the agency
  • Access to shared facilities include meeting room hire and cheap printing
  • Invitation to team meetings
  • Membership toolkit
  • Secure city centre postal address and dedicated storage
  • Art Room, Desk-hire, Kitchen-hire, Venue-hire
  • Sell and market your products on a commission basis
  • Profile on website & opportunity to join project teams (Agency Collective)

Responsibilities include:

  • Agree membership terms and join us on Slack
  • Always be supportive of other members
  • Stay in touch and attend at least one social event per year

How to become a member?

There are a few simple steps to becoming a member…

  1. Declare your interest by filling out the form below
  2. Someone will be in touch within a week of receiving your application. If we think you’re a good fit, we’ll invite you to meet us in person or attend one of our socials.
  3. We’ll make a decision within a few days of meeting you and (hopefully) welcome you to the team. Shortly after you will receive a welcome pack explaining how we work and how you can become an active member.

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