Fancy joining us?

There are two tiers to membership, and some important appointed roles.

Associate members  free to join and have minimal responsibility.

Benefits include:

  • Profile on our website
  • Opportunity to join project teams, without the hassle of chasing fees and dealing with needy clients
  • Introductory fees for bringing work to the agency
  • Support in project managing multifaceted projects
  • Participate in Loomio polls and general meetings. Associate members have the right to make suggestions and proposals to the board but do not have full voting rights
  • Invitation to our regular social events
  • Inspiration and peer-support

Responsibilities include:

  • Agree membership terms and join our team on Slack and Loomio
  • Always be supportive of other members
  • Stay in touch and attend at least one social event per year

Full members — free to join (by invitation only), and have the responsibility as director of Chapel Street Studio Co-operative Ltd.

Individuals and businesses can apply for associate membership. Applications are judged on the merits of the applicant. If you want to find out more before applying, get in touch:


How to become a member?

There are a few simple steps to becoming a member…

  1. Declare your interest by filling out the form below
  2. Someone will be in touch within a week of receiving your application. If we think you’re a good fit, we’ll invite you to meet us in person or attend one of our socials.
  3. We’ll make a decision within a few days of meeting you and (hopefully) welcome you to the team. Shortly after you will receive a welcome pack explaining how we work and how you can become an active member.

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