Nicola Huckerby

Nicola Huckerby founded COOP Brand Ltd in 2016 after working for five years promoting and marketing the co-operative identity for the International Co-operative Alliance and overseeing the take-up of the Co-operative Marque in 105 countries.  She is unashamedly proud of her co-operative credentials and passionate about making co-operatives mainstream, giving people a real choice between purchasing goods or services from profit-driven or people-centred businesses.  Prior to joining the co-operative movement Nicola managed place branding projects in Birmingham, Nottingham/shire, Cardiff and Devon.  Connect with Nicola on LinkedIn to find out more about how she can you promote your identity or visit her website


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Event Management
  • Website Development (for small coops)